Jim Jefferies writes jokes for Brad Pitt

Published on Tue 18.04.2023

Did you know that Jim Jefferies and Brad Pitt are good friends? The Australian comedian, who has lived in the United States for 10 years, has had the superstar as a guest on his own comedy talk show, 'The Jim Jefferies Show' several times. "Brad Pitt is everything you would hope him to be," he says. "He's the best looking man in the world and super nice."

In fact, the two get along so well that a few years ago Jim Jefferies wrote some jokes for Brad Pitt to use during award season. "The best jokes to write are self-deprecating jokes," says Jim Jefferies. "Writing self-deprecating jokes for Brad Pitt is easy because everyone loves him."

For example, there was that time at the Golden Globes when Brad Pitt said, "I wanted to bring my mom to this awards show, but I couldn't bring her because every woman I stand next to, the media thinks I'm sleeping with her." That joke was by Jim Jefferies.

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